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The Beijing Dong Fang Hotel (Beijing Dongfang Fandian) is located within easy access to many top Beijing sights including Tian'anmen Square,  the Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven.     Some guest rooms boast views of these nearby attractions and all rooms offer free Internet access.
An on-site restaurant serves Chinese cuisine,  and western food is available in the 1918 Café along with a taste of jazz-age China.

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  • alvita_v5
    All right
  • yaoyanpeng
    Hotel facilities, health and service were very good
  • fisting
    La La La
  • as38035
    Before a person comes in, easy to listen to cross talks, had lived here, this time, accompanied by their parents to Beijing, because of its historical origins, quality of service and value for money ideal and it really was not disappointed.
  • n53977367
    No WiFi, TV also also is old of that, set of standard between, to has front desk yihou said only staying two people, let again added money added bed to live, was wants to check out has but scheduled Hou money back not back, had to and front desk consultations has only barely staying. hotel near recently of only Metro Line 7 line, said is near also didn't more near, and Line 7 line to famous of attractions are to transfer, traffic no imagine in the of convenient. bus has direct front door and Tiananmen of, only this just has. only ofAdvantage is luggage storage convenience, great uncle Porter.
  • oyl359720180
    Good in every way, is the breakfast not much Chinese food, Western-style.
  • DD.MM
    Hotel location is very good, in Beijing old city, near the subway. walk can go to liulichang, Qianmen. hotel has a long history and culture, but old facilities.
  • li0314
    Prices can be, the environment was quiet. near from the Metro travel more convenient, to Tiananmen Square by bus on the two stations, breakfast, uncomfortable, are all Western-style breakfast, probably because many foreigners living,
  • steven_x
    Hotel has a long history and a salient cultural atmosphere; and good service, good health, environment good, convenient, away from the front door, dashilan district very near. also will stay.
  • angelleecn
    OK! is cannot brush card only when you pay by credit card, bad ugly attitude of the woman at the front desk
  • liaojing1984
    Hotels have more characteristics overall satisfaction
  • FraFra
    Prior family room, went to the room after, free upgrade to double rooms of the main building, adding a small bed. satisfactory, good breakfast, very good food, around the old one-pot group is also particularly good. is satisfied with minimum of 5 days later must still be chosen here.
  • iloveyou_cc
    Breakfast not good last year, not much variety, Environment General
  • julianli2008
    Hotel facilities during the Republic of China-style, from Tiananmen, the surrounding environment is not very good, room was small.
  • olduser
    Next to the Temple of heaven Park, there are a lot of barbecue at the night market, very convenient.
  • junipers
    Good. Unfortunately, no breakfast.
  • lenaing
    In addition to the small, others were very good---TV tough-I'm in the building, the main building is better-but probably more expensive---
  • e01718770
    Very nice! very artistic hotel!
  • mglin
    Nice, very hot, the key is from Tiananmen Square, Temple of heaven
  • LI Power
    Very nice old building, made in 1918, very strong sense of history. facilities than the old, but feel the atmosphere never mind. breakfast.
  • yangming
    Overall is good, more convenient transportation, room clean
  • aolando
    It's not bad
  • gadget
    Nice, want to book this year but no concessions.
  • e00002229
    Seems is compared old of hotel, not by street of, although by Line 7 line Metro, but export out also to go a road, because I set of economic room, is old House of three layer, by street of, compared noisy, room is small, put has a Zhang big bed on left a aisle, bathroom compared simple, as front guest evaluation of, bath Shi flow of mess, addition bathroom has unit is smelly of taste distributed, should is ventilation not Chang of problem led to, front desk service also can, reflect problemTime, but next time I will not consider staying at the
  • Centaur-D
    First room faces the street, in construction, very noisy, and later change to a large room, very good, relatively old hotel style, culture
  • Jessiemail1226
    Second stay at. convenient walking distance from subway hufangqiao station, Subway Line 7 line 5 stops to the center of the Beijing West railway station. from the fences close. surrounded by supermarkets, food market, snacks. There are new savory pot, baking fish is very tasty ... breakfast OK, but like almost every day, rarely change, live a long time feels there is nothing to eat.
  • LiJerry
    Overall felt good ... next time will stay in Beijing.
  • e00090639
    General Hotel, good service
  • samansai
    Nice hotel, a historic hotel
  • wwfcat
    Hotel good location, convenience, although in residential areas, but very quiet; good service, especially an older Hall staff member (male), warm and thoughtful and meticulous service, left a deep impression on us.
  • fanfan0229
    Older hotel very good
  • allenamy123
    Wi-Fi is very good, reasonable price in Beijing, the location, the room clean and tidy. Breakfast is a bit of a mess, is quite good.
  • e02740100
    Second times select East Hotel, main because family room and contains 3 copies breakfast, price compared right, room is unlikely to, facilities does not new has, but has a small balcony and the Sun hanger, very for family holiday. most let I moved of is check out Shi will children of Apple Phone fell in room in, rush go has, had has is long found, call to hotel, soon on confirmed has and smooth back has phone, is thanks.
  • cmline
    For people booking
  • eeeevip
    Very good close to the Qianmen Street is also very good stay
  • anran1314
    Overall feel of the price of the hotel you can also!
  • jydream
    Hotel is very good, is an old shop, the overall feeling is good, will be here next time. personal feeling far from Metro, 10 minutes on foot, walk down Front Street is no more than 20 minutes.
  • Batton
    All right
  • foxbear
  • lugbed
    Free upgrade to business, pleasure, five-wide support.
  • e00039123
    The century-old shop ... not bad!
  • a861020
    Room is small, other aspects of satisfaction
  • arcoln
    Rooms okay, mainly good location, very convenient
  • gcw_1221
    Places well worth staying!
  • lsi654321
    Better than ever, with free WiFi. but, as always, parking.
  • bobbieliang
    Very good, will come later.
  • dyryxy
    This hotel is great, is a veteran of the Samsung, calibration standard four-stars, environment and facilities good. If you are a travel or a business trip, personally think that is a very good choice, rich breakfast, a lot of foreign people have love.
  • nailioi
    Rooms are bright and spacious, convenient come here next time
  • sillyarden
    Front desk
  • corner
    Environment, good service, cultural atmosphere, breakfast was good