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The Beijing Dong Fang Hotel (Beijing Dongfang Fandian) is located within easy access to many top Beijing sights including Tian'anmen Square,  the Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven.     Some guest rooms boast views of these nearby attractions and all rooms offer free Internet access.
An on-site restaurant serves Chinese cuisine,  and western food is available in the 1918 Café along with a taste of jazz-age China.

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  • lynn7225
    Old hotel, facilities are not old enough, came to Beijing after first choice.
  • gadget
    Nice, want to book this year but no concessions.
    Nice nice nice
  • yaolijj
    Hotel OK, mostly foreigners, because elderly people living in three standard rooms extra bed, extra bed complimentary breakfast, or is more appropriate
  • mint459
    During the national day the price is not expensive, conveniently close to the hotel, away from the front door, dashilan shopping street very near, staff, hotel health and aging facilities. recommend you stay.
  • jydream
    Hotel is very good, is an old shop, the overall feeling is good, will be here next time. personal feeling far from Metro, 10 minutes on foot, walk down Front Street is no more than 20 minutes.
  • bigmox
    Good friends from overseas come to see a doctor, the friendship hospital in close proximity
  • e00479914
    Many foreigners!
  • annannanna
    Hotel brochure is pretty interesting, recording the history ... ...
  • milanwansui
    Convenient, very good.
  • luying652848
    Hotel of history atmosphere is good, around environment also is make in the take static, but in I Shanghai people seems is belongs to shantytown of environment. night rest is quiet, but I live of Deputy floor family room Windows cannot open, ventilation not is good, and window luminous somewhat bright, need put thick curtains are pulled Shang. bath water is hot, but no block water will put whole bathroom lane wet, bath curtain obviously is enough of, for also specially to buy has plastic slippers, hope can improved. room within TV not LCD is accounted forPlace, space compared small, three a adults barely. lighting is warm, while because no Dome light only bed lamp and lamp so also is compared dark of. very discontent meaning very discontent meaning very not satisfaction of place is water is poor, bath descendants is dry, first days didn't note with tap water burn of water very turbidity, zhihou tap water on can't into mouth has, all buy of packaging water, even brushing is. breakfast great, service is good, taste General. Hotel inside crooked nuts isMore, everyone into Access out are grinning to playing a greeted, is relax of, not like many hotel morning a out are is was smoke taste, eyes red, full bad breath, yelling just from Mahjong between out of YP. because son fear motion sickness, so we out as select rail make. around bus metro travel need walk 10 minutes not to is, also decent. overall hardware is General, service very good. who let I is eat this sets does! hardware problem himself against passedSpecial valued services. it is estimated that if I will choose here to come to Beijing.
  • e02771812
    Where is great
  • e00002229
    Seems is compared old of hotel, not by street of, although by Line 7 line Metro, but export out also to go a road, because I set of economic room, is old House of three layer, by street of, compared noisy, room is small, put has a Zhang big bed on left a aisle, bathroom compared simple, as front guest evaluation of, bath Shi flow of mess, addition bathroom has unit is smelly of taste distributed, should is ventilation not Chang of problem led to, front desk service also can, reflect problemTime, but next time I will not consider staying at the
  • menmen007
    Rooms at ju, good..................
  • alvita_v5
    All right
  • Octpas
    Hotel location is good, away from front door, big fence is near, walk can arrived. away from Beijing West station also only 5 station Metro, travel is convenient. away from Metro Line 7 line hufangqiao station walk only hundreds of meters. hotel around has supermarket, market and snack bar, life is convenient. many foreigners staying. Business Suite area is big, floors high vision very good, can see Tiananmen. self breakfast has many Western and Chinese, attached eat has 5 days, feel varieties very less changes. service good, Will stay again in the future.
  • julienjj
    Okay, for the price
  • cetty
    On behalf of others book says Yes, rich buffet breakfast, good hygiene, good service at the front desk, offering to help car, away from the front door to Tiananmen Square is close to the National Palace Museum
  • li0314
    Prices can be, the environment was quiet. near from the Metro travel more convenient, to Tiananmen Square by bus on the two stations, breakfast, uncomfortable, are all Western-style breakfast, probably because many foreigners living,
  • leony_lee
    Good location, compare features, facilities, nice!
  • love8023love
  • ape0503
    Probably OK, colleagues to live
  • gg777
    Old hotel, it's great.
  • amon1031
    Sanitation, more convenient transportation, near attractions, is recommended.
  • cs640818
    Very nice hotel, and around convenience, Metro very close. room was quiet, clean, will choose in the future.
  • e05651988
    And we think it's great!
    Good location is also very convenient ~,.
  • Brandu
    Room was nice, that a night light is too dark. Check-out time is not particularly fast, delayed for a while. Overall it is quite satisfactory, after all, good location.
  • Serene88
    It wasn't too bad
  • liuguoju668767
    Very nice, hope to have a bathrobe and better!
  • Centaur-D
    First room faces the street, in construction, very noisy, and later change to a large room, very good, relatively old hotel style, culture
  • leonardsunjun
    Which is very nice!
  • countrybear
    Cheap hotels
  • compass
    Location in a quiet, bed comfortable, breakfast is worth
  • Jessiemail1226
    Second stay at. convenient walking distance from subway hufangqiao station, Subway Line 7 line 5 stops to the center of the Beijing West railway station. from the fences close. surrounded by supermarkets, food market, snacks. There are new savory pot, baking fish is very tasty ... breakfast OK, but like almost every day, rarely change, live a long time feels there is nothing to eat.
  • Vivi Xue
    Old hotel general traffic can also
  • aspolor
    Service very good! must come again next time!
  • ourfruit
    Old hotel
  • aaaaaaalad
    Very nice hotel, good service
  • jUSTYX
    There are characteristic rooms are small software to save space not all
  • clong
    Is a foreign-related hotels, nice from the front door close
  • fayegong
    Help colleagues book is too old and especially in the bathroom and she said feedback facilities does not match the price
  • ld87784129
    Foreign people mostly, hotel clean health, is comfortable, for business, tourism, home, series needs. foreign people mostly, hotel clean health, is comfortable, for business, tourism, home, series needs, foreign people mostly, hotel clean health, is comfortable, for business, tourism, home, series needs, foreign people mostly, hotel clean health, is comfortable, for business, tourism, home, series needs,
  • cindy0970
    Although the alley, but very close to Tiananmen Square, walk two stops to reach the front door, commercial Street, room very good, many foreign guests.
  • yaoer11520
    Hotel of front desk service is good! luggage left-of Uncle service also is enthusiasm! worth praised! but room daily of health clean not in place, just finishing bedding, trash, fundamental no formal of rooms cleanup, on this also has a days of garbage is confiscated of; day bathroom of hair has been to third days didn't people clean, mother is see not down himself Pack has; daily night tea Qian to himself cleanup day of, don't told I is to convenient night continues to drink, isWould anyone want to drink the tea?, complimentary bathroom the next day no, tea bags the next day not, small SOAP is not every day, it is forced to use premium products? hope hotel room block will be improved.
  • adsent
  • ambergiraffe
    Hotel location is very good!
  • xuxl2
    Nice, convenient, from the core areas easier.
  • CapricornMY
    Hotel quiet and nice snacks around more.